Friday, 23 January 2015

Come Dine with Me Competition

Beds YFC set all 7 clubs a 'Come Dine with Me' competition with a set of guidelines to adhere to. We were to host Silsoe YFC

First a meeting was held to decide upon the theme, location and set some initial tasks i.e. the invites.

The second a meeting to decide upon the details: the menu, which members can help with produce, the decorations, the entertainment, budgeting and final tasks.


We decided to trial run the starter and sponge so we could decide upon presentation and exact ingredients.

Pinterest became a source of inspiration for all aspects of the evening right from the start, including the invitations, glittering glasses, posters, a photo booth and the finite decorations. We created a board to gather ideas that the team liked, view it here.

We were able to make the deserts the day before the event 

The team gathered at the hall to decide upon a layout and a list for a final shop run, following the team split to prep food and decorate the hall. 

The hall aimed to depict the prosperity of the era with pearls, feathers, glitter and extravagant decorations. Each person had a hand made place name which were taken home by some guests. 

The eggs were poached before being removed, this was then reduced before honey and mustard being added to form the dressing which was timed to be served hot with the starter. 

Sweet potatoes, potatoes and kale were prepared for the colecannon; red cabbage and carrots were prepared for cooking. All produce including the many decorative lemons and oranges werebought from Pell's of Wilden, thank you to Ben for sorting us out! Once cooked the carrots were glazed with marmalade. 

The welcome drinks were served in teacups following the 1920 theme where drinking was banned under prohibition laws therefore teacups were to disguise the alcohol drinking. Prohibition posters declaring the bar closed were up around the hall. 

The photo booth acted as a great ice breaker for all attending the night

All were seated for bread before the starters were served which was enjoyed by all, even by Alice who hadn't previously eaten an egg!

There was to be a wait between the first and second course so all embarked on a game of pinata - Oonagh had some definite rage with that sweet filled donkey! 

Dave White was asked to do the honour of carving the gammon as the main was being served which had been lovingly cooked for hours. The gammon was bought from North Beds' Morgan Pell meats of Wilden, thanks to Josh for sorting us out. 

The deserts followed shortly which put everyone in a lemony overload, especially if one was drinking the home made lemonade! 

We all gathered for some more pictures in the 'photo booth' followed by some after dinner chat. 

Thank you to Silsoe for attending our dinner party, you were all fabulous company and to our judges Oonagh and Dave for placing us.....

For more pictures please check our Facebook photos and tag as you wish. 


Badminton night

Despite a last minute venue change, we all managed to find ourselves to Margaret Beaufort Middle School for an evenings badminton!

Badminton wasn't naturally the chosen activity for injured Brioni and Rupert  - wishing a speedy recovery for you both - for other more active members all muddled into playing doubles swapping on and off to give everyone a chance. We even had a group from Bedford YFC joining us for the night, thanks for coming! We'll be supporting them at their Quiz night this Saturday.

For anyone who didn't have their own racket, Simon bought some more vintage rackets along, useful as always!


Saturday, 17 January 2015

Harrold Fire Station

The second meeting back on the 14th saw the club back in full swing with 30 members for a tour of Harrold Fire Station.

We were told about all the fire stations in Bedford and all their individual purposes, how Harrold Fire Station is run and shown some pretty impressive gadgets! Following this was a peek inside the fire engines which hold all sorts of useful bits (yes, we did spot the kettle). Then for the moment we had all been waiting for as Wednesday night is their training night so we finally got to see the water hose in action.

Thank you very much to our tour guide David for showing us round, answering all our questions and stories especially the one about the cat stuck in the wire fruit bowl.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Karate night

After an unfortunate issue with gaining entrance to Bletsoe Village Hall we were able to welcome our Karate tutors for the evening, six skilled black belts who were to teach us an evening of self defence.

Our demonstrators showed us many moves, throwing each other to the floor much to our amusement. We were taught moves that went from more 'gentle' to more 'nasty' which meant some pinching leading onto some more difficult moves before ending on some knife work (no one was hurt). Obviously if we were to find ourselves in a difficult situation it would be hard to remember each move without practice so some tips were given such as weak spots and hitting hard body parts with soft, vice versa.

All members agreed it was a fantastic meeting, thank you to you all!